The Homestead Creamery experienced a significant growth in business and found that their current infrastructure, to include the building and utilities, was unable to support the growth.  Homestead Creamery worked with Parker Design Group, Inc. to develop a plan to update the infrastructure and meet the production requirements.

This project consisted of an approximately 20,000 square-foot building addition, a truck staging/parking area, and utility expansion on an approximately 30 acre site.  Parker Design Group, Inc. provided all sitework planning, including the grading, erosion and sediment control, as well as all stormwater and wastewater treatment improvements.  These improvements included a new 8 acre drain field.  Additional services included rezoning, surveying, engineering, utility design, and construction site stormwater inspection and management.

In order to continue production during construction, it was determined that the new facility would be built over the existing plant, keeping full production going during construction.  Once the building is complete, the old (interior) building will be renovated to meet the needs of Homestead Creamery.