About Us

Our Mission

Parker Design Group, Inc. is a forward thinking, goal driven Civil Engineering Firm with a PASSIONATE desire to assist those proposing to alter the natural landscape. We set a high standard for ourselves by striving to create a reputation that enhances our clients, community, and environment. Our goal is to be the experts of the ever-changing regulatory world while using the latest technology and education to provide an excellent service resulting in a profitable business.

What We Do

  • Residential 10%
  • Industrial 30%
  • Hospitality 20%
  • Commercial 30%
  • Municipal 10%
  • Surveying 40%
  • Engineering 50%
  • Stormwater 10%

Our Story

Our founding partners started out like every other young engineering college graduate, by joining a well-established firm and learning the ropes.  They worked hard to learn as much about the business as they could, but found they had a desire to start their own company.  Their vision of their firm would emphasize relationships and focus on working with an entire team to solve the problems that inevitably pop up during a project’s lifespan.  They wanted their reputation to be their primary asset and a group of coworkers that they considered family.  They set out to create the foundation that would become Parker Design Group, Inc. and have been expanding and growing ever since.

Our Service

Municipalities Served

Plats (and then some!)

Hours of Community Service per Month

Community Service

We believe that contributing to our community is just part of being a good neighbor.  We contribute our time, energy, and money to several great causes, including Habitat for Humanity, local baseball teams, Fisher House, Families of the Wounded, and ASK Childhood Cancer Foundation.  We were uniquely qualified to donate our time and services to survey and certify the world’s largest awareness ribbon for ASK Childhood Cancer Foundation for submission to the Guinness Book of World Records.  In addition to donating our services, we give our employees time to participate in local community service projects, such as Habitat for Humanity.  One of our employees not only participated in all four days of this year’s Women’s Build, but also sat on the committee for this event, and helped organize the largest Women’s Build in the Roanoke Valley.  We are also very active in supporting veteran’s organizations as several of our employees are veterans.  We were a huge sponsor of an event that raised over $51,000 for the Fisher House and Families of the Wounded through a very successful casino night.